Vo Ngo

Muscle from Binh's old gang


Vo Ngo is a large, tan skinned thick-accented guy who loves the New York Yankees. A troll born to human Vietnamese parents, was was an unwanted child. He was double-unwanted when it turned out he was a troll. With that start of course you’d turn to a life of crime where your job description consisted of ‘crack skulls’.

While Mr. Ngo has done (and continues to do) some horrible things to people, he also loves to make people he cares about laugh. While he is breaking hands or burning down buildings, he’ s cracking jokes.

Ever the playboy, Vo doesn’t care what kind of woman they are, he loves them all. Human, dwarf, elven, he isn’t biased in the least. You know that guy that always uses lame pickup lines? Vo Ngo is that guy. Any sort of blatant disrespect for women can set him off. If you ever call any woman a cunt in front of Vo, be prepared for a face-full of his fist, and a crotch full of his boot.

Vo Ngo looks to Cong Trinh as a father figure and will protect him as such.


Vo Ngo

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